19th Annual General Meeting

This is to give notice that ISPCA will be holding its 19th Annual General Meeting on Saturday 21 April 2012 at 3.00pm at the Conference Room, Ipoh City & Country Club, 283 Jalan Raja Permaisuri Bainun, 30250 Ipoh, Perak. Refreshment will be served.

The Agenda are Welcome Address by the President, Confirmation of 18th AGM minutes, Activity Report, Audited Accounts and election of Committee Members for 2012-2014 and any other matters arising. Thank you.

By the Order of the Committee


2011 Food Fair

ISPCA will be holding a Food Fair on Sunday 6 November 2011 from 10.00am till 2.00pm at St John Ambulance HQ Ipoh, 134 Jalan Raja Musa Aziz, Ipoh. For details please contact Rani at 016 5279515/Doreen at 016 560 8905/Mai at 012 4002313. The coupons are on sale now at RM10 per book.

GBBM (Gerakan Belia Bersatu Malaysia) is organising a “Pets Beauty Contest” on the same day and all the net proceeds will be donated to ISPCA. For registration forms and details please contact Ricky at 012 5186915 or Yew Ken at 016 5553454.

Please come and show your support for the pets. Thank you.


Our Annual Charity Dinner 2011 was successfully held on 7th November.

Guests filled the entire dining area of ground floor of The New She Lai Ton Restaurant and they were thereafter served a sumptuous dinner coupled with light entertainment which included a presentation of songs by several talented local artistes and a belly dancing performance while Mr Joe Ong took many guests down memory lane with his rendition of many hit songs of yester-years.

Several VIPs were kind enough to grace our Dinner with their presence and we wish to say a loud “Thank
You” to them. Also joining us in our Dinner this year were Mr Andy Ho from Petfinder and Sam from Paws Mission both of whom are from animal welfare groups based in Kuala Lumpur. They had specially journeyed down to attend our Dinner!

Prizes were also drawn and awarded to the lucky guests under the Dinner Ticket Draw as well as the Lucky Dip Draw. All the prizes in these two categories were donated by generous individuals. Appended below are the lucky numbers of the said dinner ticket and lucky dip draws :-

Table Ticket Draw

Winning Dinner Ticket Nos –

1) 0213 – A Chocolate Cake
2) 0220 – A Chocolate Cake
3) 0335 – A Bottle of Wine
4) 0602 – An Electric Jug Kettle
5) 0659 – A Hamper
6) 0916 – A Bottle of Wine

Lucky Dip Draw and Prizes

1) 2342 – (A bottle of Brandy)
2) 0596 – (A Cake Lapis)
3) 0023 – (RM100 TESCO Voucher)
4) 1287 – (RM100 Parkson Voucher)
5) 2280 – (RM100 Parkson Gift Card)
6) 1754 – (RM100 Parkson Gift Card)
7) 1774 – An electric oven
8) 1306 – A Marks & Spencer’s Toiletries Set
9) 2083 – A Multi-Purpose Pot
10) 0598 – A Hamper

We would like to thank all those who had generously purchased our dinner tables/tickets and graced our dinner with their presence and not forgetting those who had purchased our Lucky Dip coupons as well because every contribution goes a long way towards helping us defray the cost of our monthly operating expenditure.

Our Society’s Grateful Thanks must be recorded to Mr Tan Kean Beng and Family for picking up the entire bill of RM7,000 without hesitation to repair the roofs of several of our dogs’ runs which had been destroyed in a freak thunderstorm a few days prior to our Annual Charity Dinner.

Our Sincerest Thanks also go to The MCA who have supported us for several years since with their monetary donations and assistance and again this year for their generous donation of RM10,000-00 to our coffers.

In addition, to ALL the kind donors who had selflessly contributed in cash or kind annually, we would like to express and record our deepest thanks for your generosity.

We are extremely grateful to all these good Samaritans – you are all our Beacon of Light in our difficult
journey in battling for a fair chance at life for the forgotten and badly-treated animals of our community..

Remember that you can help us by being a member or a volunteer. Our work carries no physical or monetary reward except the satisfaction and knowledge that we are doing something to alleviate the extreme suffering of all those who truly cannot speak for themselves.

Once again a Resounding Thanks to All!


Selangor SPCA has initiated a nationwide petition to bring the issue of animal cruelty directly to the Prime Minister. Many NGOs in Malaysia are supporting this including ISPCA. There is online signing and you can do this by going to The Peition Online @www.StopAnimalAbuse.my. or go to http://StopAnimalAbuse.PetFinder.my. You can download the Petition form and collect the signatures manually and send by 31 Dec 2011 to SPCA Selangor, Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, 68000 Ampang Jaya.

Thank you.


Please be advised that the ISPCA 18th Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 24 April 2011 at 11.00 am at 30A Pesara Satu, Ipoh Garden, 31400 Ipoh, Perak (Dr Goh’s clinic upstairs).

Agenda : Minutes of the 17th Annual General Meeting
Activity Report for year 2010
Treasurer’s Report and Audited Accounts
Any other matters.


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We take much pleasure in announcing below the details of our above Dinner :-

Date : SATURDAY, 07 May 2011

Time : 7.30 pm

Venue : The New She Lai Ton Restaurant
Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Ipoh

Persons to Contact for Purchase of Dinner Tickets are :-

Ms Tan Mai Chiang (012-4002313)
Mrs Doreen Laidlaw (016-5608905)

We look forward to your presence and your kind support. A night of good food and light entertainment await all of you.

In addition, you could try your luck in winning great prizes in our Lucky Dip Draw during the Dinner night with purchase of Lucky Dip tickets which will also be on sale in due course.

So, make a date with us on 07 May 2011!


Anyone who wish to purchase the Lucky Dip tickets can contact Judy Lim at 012-4551443. Results of the Draw will be posted on this Blog. The tickets cost RM10 per book and within each book there are 5 tickets which means that for every RM10 that you spend, you will have 5 chances of winning a prize.

2010 Food Fair

Our recent food fair which was held on Sunday, 7th of Nov at the St. John’s Ambulance HQ drew overwhelming response from the public who began arriving as early as 8.30 am!

Below are some photographs of the activities and stalls on that day…

YB Dato Dr Mah Hang Soon kindly graced the occasion with his presence and also proceeded to launch our activities on Facebook thereafter.

Besides a sumptuous array of food, a martial arts demonstration was put on to entertain those who chose to sit down and sink their teeth into piping hot meals purchased from our food stalls. Ample tables and chairs were provided for this purpose.

The Show and Tell of various animals presented by The Lost World of Tambun (LWT) drew much interest amongst the crowd as many had never had any close encounters with these exotic animals before. For many, it was indeed a learning experience.

The Committee sincerely apologizes for not being able to secure the Police K9 dogs to perform as the unit had a shortage of handlers in view of the Deepavali celebrations a couple of days prior. Nevertheless, we shall do our best to invite the K9 unit next year for the much anticipated performance.

Lastly, the Committee wishes to convey our sincere thanks and appreciation to Dato Dr Mah Hang Soon, all the benevolent sponsors of our food stalls, Mr Ricky Soong, Mr Lee Yew Khen, The Lost World of Tambun, the young members of the St John’s Ambulance fraternity and also the indispensable volunteers for all their invaluable contribution and efforts in helping make our Food Fair 2010 a resounding success.


After so many years ….. finally …. wisdom, courage and compassion have brought an end to the “senseless killing” of dog shooting in our beautiful country.

A meeting held on Tuesday 16th November between various animal-based NGOs, (namely, The ISPCA, The Sanctuary Ipoh, Selangor SPCA, Noah’s Ark, The Malaysian Animal Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association) and the Ipoh City Council to discuss the longstanding call for a complete ban on dog shooting. Also present were officers from the State Department of Veterinary Services (The D V S) and Ipoh City Watch.

Dato Hj Abdul Rahim, Secretary of the MBI after gathering views presented by the NGOs and finally The D V S (our main voice) then officially issued the order to ban all dog shooting in Ipoh.

It was an outcome that all of us had long-hoped and prayed for. Through decades we have made numerous representations and met up with the Authorities which had hitherto been unsuccessful. Well…. Change is finally here!

It will be a day that all animal lovers will remember.

The ISPCA would like to record its grateful thanks to Dato Dr Abdul Aziz Jamalludin, the Director-General of The D V S in Putrajaya for his wisdom and compassion and for his unwavering courage and determination in pushing for an end to this “senseless killing”.

Thanks must also be extended to Mr Anthony Thanasayan of Petpositive who had worked tirelessly throughout for this cause and also to the various animal-based NGOs for having soldiered on against all odds for such a long time.

Thanks are also in order to the MBI. It is good that the MBI understood the feelings of the public and allowed good sense to prevail, hopefully, they will endeavour to quickly set in motion all the proposed measures put forth during the Meeting with a view to embrace humane solutions to the problem of stray animals in Ipoh. Some of the measures recommended were that the MBI work closely with The D V S and the setting up a pound to house the strays that are to be humanely caught henceforth.

We at The ISPCA are of the view that well-thought-out proper measures emanating from a humane heart, will overtime effectively controlled the stray population in Ipoh and thereafter in the country.

Last but not in the least, THANK YOU DEAREST SPUNK …. We owe you ………


The 10th of November 2010 will indeed be a day to remember.

Dato Dr Abd. Aziz, the Director General of The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) convened a meeting in Putrajaya with several animal welfare groups (NGOs) with a view to discuss the shooting of dogs in the country. The meeting was triggered off by the shooting of a therapy dog belonging to an elderly lady in Ipoh several days prior.

Photo Credit : Petpositive

The following NGOs’ representatives were in attendance :-

Dato Dr Mohd Nordin, Chairman of the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation (MNAWF)

Mr Anthony Thanasayan of PetPositive

Dr Lim and Quinera from The Selangor SPCA

Dr Ranjit Kaur and Linda from Noah’s Ark

Dr Goh Hue Lang and Judy Lim from The ISPCA

Several senior officers including Dr Quaza Nizamuddin, the State Director of D V S Perak were also present.

Dr Aziz addressed the Meeting touching on many aspects on pets and animals alike and on the fact that the shooting of dogs was “a madness” and should no longer be acceptable as times have changed and owners were now more aware of their responsibilities. Throughout the Meeting, many gory incidents of dog shootings and cruelty were narrated.

Dr Aziz said that shooting of animals will only be deemed necessary in emergency situations, for example the JE virus outbreak where eventually thousands of pigs had to be put down to prevent any danger to the public and to control the virus’ outbreak. He further said that if any shooting of dogs is to be carried out it should only be done with the D V S’s approval and under its close supervision.

Mr Anthony Thanasayan from Petpositive said that many of the city councillors were not knowledgeable about veterinary matters and requested the D V S to spearhead the implementation of much needed changes and policies. As it is the elderly lady from Ipoh is now very depressed and seemed unwilling to want to go on with life.

Dato Nordin from MNAWF also touched on many aspects of pet ownership and raised many questions and gave numerous positive suggestions as well. Much of his words actually echoed the sentiments of every animal lover.

Dr Goh told the Meeting that The ISPCA had met up with the City Council of Ipoh many times over two decades in their attempts to put an end to dog shooting but have met with zero success.

Dr Goh and Dr Ranjit further brought up the matter of the inhumane and ghastly slaughter of dogs and puppies and the sale of their meat openly in various areas. Dr Aziz requested that info on the matter be provided to the relevant state D V S for their investigation.

Dr Aziz said he is aware that the current laws regarding animal welfare are inadequate and undefined in many areas and these give the law enforcers little clout in dealing with animal cruelty and animal welfare matters. Nevertheless, he said that the Government through its relevant departments and the D V S are in the process of expediting the formulating of the Animal Welfare Act. Dr Aziz informed that the Act has been targeted to be tabled in Parliament earliest by the end of next year.

Dr Aziz expressed the D V S’s heartfelt grief and sympathy to the elderly lady for the loss of her beloved dog. He went further to describe the incident as a “senseless killing”.

We at The ISPCA too would like to express our profound sadness over the incident …. nothing can ever bring the elderly woman’s beloved dog back to life (as was so rightly said by Dr Aziz). But the only consolation we can think of right now is that Spunk did NOT die in vain. He will live on as a Hero in the hearts of millions of animal lovers. He had performed the ultimate sacrifice ….. he died so that the longstanding hideous subject of dog shooting could finally be addressed at national level by lawmakers.

Rest in peace dear Spunk ……. we love you and will always remember you!

Last but not least, The ISPCA, on behalf of all its members would like to express our deepest thanks to The D V S especially Dato Dr Aziz for having the courage and compassion to initiate the much-needed changes finally for the benefit of our animal community.


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