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Our fellowship was held on Sunday 24th October 2010 at The Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh.

It was actually partly held to observe World Animal Day which was hosted by The Lost World of Tambun (The Lost World).

Mr Calvin Ho, the General Manager of The Lost World initiated the event by extending a very warm welcome to everyone present. In his speech, Mr Ho informed that The Lost World would assist to rescue any animal that proved difficult to catch or re-home. This certainly was welcoming news to all animal lovers. It is indeed heartening to have a corporate body extending its help to the unfortunate animals that happen to accidentally stray or wander into areas that could prove detrimental to themselves and to the public.

Our own Hon. Advisor, Dr Goh Hue Lang also gave a talk on animal welfare. She touched on how various animals in the world had suffered greatly just so that humans could whet their appetites for gourmet or exotic food for e.g. sharksfin soup and foie gras; OR the insanely cruel way in which baby seals, minks and arctic foxes are killed to cloak the rich and famous.

On the list too is the indiscriminate killing of tigers and the totally heartless way of extracting a bear’s bile for so called traditional medicines.

It is our hope that the message imparted by Dr Goh to boycott such goods and foods was received by everyone present especially the young children in the audience.

The next speaker was Dr Andy, a veterinarian with the V R I (Veterinary Research Institute, Ipoh). We were told that Dr Andy frequently helps treat the animals of The Lost World and has vast experience in animal welfare and treatment. Dr Andy spoke on the very relevant topic of pet care and of the owners’ responsibilities towards caring for their pets.

Coming back to our fellowship, though a good portion of the members were unable to join due to circumstances beyond their control, nevertheless it was an eye-opening day for those who attended in that we had the chance to learn a lot about other animals, in particular, the snakes which most of us fear a great deal but know little about.

The Lost World’s snake specialist, Mr Tayalan gave an interesting demo on snakes and we gleaned much info from him about the characteristics of these creatures. Several species of live snakes for example, the cobra, were brought out much to the excitement of those present.

Mr Ramesh, the Operations Manager of The Lost World also gave us an interesting account of how animal odour could be eradicated and controlled with enzymes which are made from amongst other things, citrus-based fruits.

Before the closure of The World Animal Day event, Mr Ramesh presented a drum of the enzymes to our Vice President, Mrs Rani Chan, to help us combat and control any odour in our Shelter. The enzymes would certainly come in handy in our Shelter and the Committee of ISPCA would like to applaud and thank the Management of The Lost World for their magnanimous gesture.

After the World Animal Day event was over, some of the members and their children went on to experience the facilities available at The Lost World while others made a bee line to have their lunch.

All in all, not only was it a fun day for everyone but it was a day of learning too as we had close encounters with the macaws, the parrots, the snakes, the lizards that were chameleon-like, the raccoon, the rabbits and tortoises to name a few.

We would like to thank the Management of The Lost World for inviting us to observe World Animal Day with them and we certainly will look forward to future mutually rewarding co-operation with them.

On a parting note, do visit our Food Fair at the St John’s Headquarters on Sunday, 7th November as The Lost World of Tambun will be presenting a Show & Tell on various animals. Don’t miss this opportunity to see and get a first hand account about other animals that co-exist with us courtesy of The Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh.