This Blog is created for The I.S.P.C.A (The ISPCA) (The Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

All information displayed on this Blog is strictly intended for general information and knowledge only. The information displayed herein may be changed and may no longer be accurate after the date it has been uploaded.

All information contained is this Blog is posted on an “AS IS” basis and The ISPCA makes no representation or warranty whether expressly or impliedly with regard to its veracity.

This Blog is also a place where members of The ISPCA may post articles, reviews and other pet-related reports.

Therefore it remains your sole responsibility and obligation to verify all information posted in this Blog and The ISPCA shall not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from your reliance on any information contained in this Blog.

This Blog may contain links to third party sites/blogs which are provided as a means for convenient access to information contained herein and it is hereby stated that the appearance of such links does not indicate or imply that The ISPCA represents or warrants that the third party sites/blogs contained in this Blog have complied with the relevant laws governing its operation on the contents of the sites/blogs.

Articles, reports, surveys reflect the views of the individuals who prepared them and unless indicated expressly in the text, do not necessarily represent the position of The ISPCA.

Comments may be made in this Blog, but take note that comments that are vulgar, seditious and tasteless etc will be deleted.

The ISPCA shall not be responsible for any reports, comments or views made in this Blog and the responsibility and ultimate liability for such reports, comments or views made shall be that of the person or parties posting them.

The ISPCA shall take all reasonable efforts to ensure all offensive comments are removed soonest.

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