After so many years ….. finally …. wisdom, courage and compassion have brought an end to the “senseless killing” of dog shooting in our beautiful country.

A meeting held on Tuesday 16th November between various animal-based NGOs, (namely, The ISPCA, The Sanctuary Ipoh, Selangor SPCA, Noah’s Ark, The Malaysian Animal Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association) and the Ipoh City Council to discuss the longstanding call for a complete ban on dog shooting. Also present were officers from the State Department of Veterinary Services (The D V S) and Ipoh City Watch.

Dato Hj Abdul Rahim, Secretary of the MBI after gathering views presented by the NGOs and finally The D V S (our main voice) then officially issued the order to ban all dog shooting in Ipoh.

It was an outcome that all of us had long-hoped and prayed for. Through decades we have made numerous representations and met up with the Authorities which had hitherto been unsuccessful. Well…. Change is finally here!

It will be a day that all animal lovers will remember.

The ISPCA would like to record its grateful thanks to Dato Dr Abdul Aziz Jamalludin, the Director-General of The D V S in Putrajaya for his wisdom and compassion and for his unwavering courage and determination in pushing for an end to this “senseless killing”.

Thanks must also be extended to Mr Anthony Thanasayan of Petpositive who had worked tirelessly throughout for this cause and also to the various animal-based NGOs for having soldiered on against all odds for such a long time.

Thanks are also in order to the MBI. It is good that the MBI understood the feelings of the public and allowed good sense to prevail, hopefully, they will endeavour to quickly set in motion all the proposed measures put forth during the Meeting with a view to embrace humane solutions to the problem of stray animals in Ipoh. Some of the measures recommended were that the MBI work closely with The D V S and the setting up a pound to house the strays that are to be humanely caught henceforth.

We at The ISPCA are of the view that well-thought-out proper measures emanating from a humane heart, will overtime effectively controlled the stray population in Ipoh and thereafter in the country.

Last but not in the least, THANK YOU DEAREST SPUNK …. We owe you ………

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