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We take much pleasure in announcing below the details of our above Dinner :-

Date : SATURDAY, 07 May 2011

Time : 7.30 pm

Venue : The New She Lai Ton Restaurant
Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Ipoh

Persons to Contact for Purchase of Dinner Tickets are :-

Ms Tan Mai Chiang (012-4002313)
Mrs Doreen Laidlaw (016-5608905)

We look forward to your presence and your kind support. A night of good food and light entertainment await all of you.

In addition, you could try your luck in winning great prizes in our Lucky Dip Draw during the Dinner night with purchase of Lucky Dip tickets which will also be on sale in due course.

So, make a date with us on 07 May 2011!


Anyone who wish to purchase the Lucky Dip tickets can contact Judy Lim at 012-4551443. Results of the Draw will be posted on this Blog. The tickets cost RM10 per book and within each book there are 5 tickets which means that for every RM10 that you spend, you will have 5 chances of winning a prize.

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