Our Annual Charity Dinner 2011 was successfully held on 7th November.

Guests filled the entire dining area of ground floor of The New She Lai Ton Restaurant and they were thereafter served a sumptuous dinner coupled with light entertainment which included a presentation of songs by several talented local artistes and a belly dancing performance while Mr Joe Ong took many guests down memory lane with his rendition of many hit songs of yester-years.

Several VIPs were kind enough to grace our Dinner with their presence and we wish to say a loud “Thank
You” to them. Also joining us in our Dinner this year were Mr Andy Ho from Petfinder and Sam from Paws Mission both of whom are from animal welfare groups based in Kuala Lumpur. They had specially journeyed down to attend our Dinner!

Prizes were also drawn and awarded to the lucky guests under the Dinner Ticket Draw as well as the Lucky Dip Draw. All the prizes in these two categories were donated by generous individuals. Appended below are the lucky numbers of the said dinner ticket and lucky dip draws :-

Table Ticket Draw

Winning Dinner Ticket Nos –

1) 0213 – A Chocolate Cake
2) 0220 – A Chocolate Cake
3) 0335 – A Bottle of Wine
4) 0602 – An Electric Jug Kettle
5) 0659 – A Hamper
6) 0916 – A Bottle of Wine

Lucky Dip Draw and Prizes

1) 2342 – (A bottle of Brandy)
2) 0596 – (A Cake Lapis)
3) 0023 – (RM100 TESCO Voucher)
4) 1287 – (RM100 Parkson Voucher)
5) 2280 – (RM100 Parkson Gift Card)
6) 1754 – (RM100 Parkson Gift Card)
7) 1774 – An electric oven
8) 1306 – A Marks & Spencer’s Toiletries Set
9) 2083 – A Multi-Purpose Pot
10) 0598 – A Hamper

We would like to thank all those who had generously purchased our dinner tables/tickets and graced our dinner with their presence and not forgetting those who had purchased our Lucky Dip coupons as well because every contribution goes a long way towards helping us defray the cost of our monthly operating expenditure.

Our Society’s Grateful Thanks must be recorded to Mr Tan Kean Beng and Family for picking up the entire bill of RM7,000 without hesitation to repair the roofs of several of our dogs’ runs which had been destroyed in a freak thunderstorm a few days prior to our Annual Charity Dinner.

Our Sincerest Thanks also go to The MCA who have supported us for several years since with their monetary donations and assistance and again this year for their generous donation of RM10,000-00 to our coffers.

In addition, to ALL the kind donors who had selflessly contributed in cash or kind annually, we would like to express and record our deepest thanks for your generosity.

We are extremely grateful to all these good Samaritans – you are all our Beacon of Light in our difficult
journey in battling for a fair chance at life for the forgotten and badly-treated animals of our community..

Remember that you can help us by being a member or a volunteer. Our work carries no physical or monetary reward except the satisfaction and knowledge that we are doing something to alleviate the extreme suffering of all those who truly cannot speak for themselves.

Once again a Resounding Thanks to All!

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